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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Nahum, Habbakuk (LXX) Notes


Around 618-612 BC Nahum prophesies about Ninevah and that it will be destroyed if they do not repent. Babylon ends up destroying Ninevah ultimately. Jonah's prophesying to them seems to have worked for a time but they went back to their ways and now they ultimately face the same destiny as all the other Gentile nations on this Day of the Lord. 

In the time of Nahum's writing, the Northern Kingdom is gone now. 

[Chapter 1-2] 

No more Ninevah. If you read Josephus, it is said that when they were going to destroy the rest of the Jewish kingdom, that rats came out and wiped out the Assyrian Empire's army with the Plague. On the day that they thought they were at their most powerful, they are prophesied to fall. None of their wealth that they have gained is from honest means. The "lions" that are devoured are a reference to Ninevah's two sphinxes at the gates which had the king's head on a lion. 

[Chapter 3]

Ninevah is intelligent but ultimately will have no power after this really. God through Nahum compares Ninevah to a prostitute.



Fun fact: No one knows what his name means.

[Chapter 1]

Talks about Babylon taking Assyria. They also take Judah. In 600 BC, right before Judah is conquered, this prophecy is given. His prophecy is a burden but he is driven by the Holy Spirit to speak. It is a burden to get this vision and have to prophesy this because it is a word that is righteous but also a word that is to bring about massive suffering and injustice will abound it seems like. 

He questions God a bit in this prophecy and essentially says this sucks and you're not helping, it seems. 

Habbakuk's questioning God may shock some modern sensibilities but the truth is fake piety is dumb because it is fake. You can be brutally honest with God. He can handle it. 

Habakkuk makes a 1st complaint to God (1:6-11) about how He is raising up Babylon and King Nebuchadnezzar. His second complaint is given. Judah won't praise God for any of what he's done.

[Chapter 2] 

Habakkuk will wait on his rock, his watchtower, and get a response: 

How long will this go on? Til the 2nd Coming ultimately is the answer. 

A vision takes place (2.1-9). The righteous will live by faith. All wickedness will be dealt with. Ultimately sins are revealed and shown and dealt with. The Day of the Lord is coming so be warned. 

[Chapter 3] 

Habakkuk essentially responds with: I am sacared. You told me this on your throne surrounded by cherubim. Remember youre mercy in your wrath. The whole world will deal with this Day in some way or another. He then talks about Babylon getting conquererd by Persians.

"The city" and "rivers" are a reference to when Babylon fell by Persia smashing a wall and then flooding them. 

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