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Friday, March 13, 2020

Response to Preston's 15th Video against Hope Resurrected - Election

I don't know why you would want to bother watching this lame video but for the sake of context here you go. It is a trash video from Don K Preston but absolutely amazing just for how lie-packed it is.
Before I go any further with my response I just want you all to know Don Preston literally disgusts me with every fiber of my being and now I am even more energized to expose him for the truly dispicable liar he really is. I had to restart this video about 5x because of the absolute absurdity. 

1st off, election is NOT my only argument in this book. If one has read the book all the way through (and Preston clearly has not or is willfully playing ignorant on this because he can't beat the arguments I present) you will know I do not just go on and on about election (though I do bring it up obviously in the book). So to sum this video up he wastes about 3 minutes of my time and yours by making excuses as to why he can't win the argument and gives nothing but ad hominems and other fallacies laced through this video as well. Thank you for wasting my time with that irrelevant horse maneur Don. And you act so baffled as to why I am unkind to you when you lie and misrepresent me? Seriously? LOL And spare me your virtue signalling hogwash about how holy and godly you are. A godly man would not lie and misrepresent people like you always do. 

I do not claim election to be a "time word" (whatever the heck that is supposed to be). Lies there about me. What I have said is that it is a word that is used in a temporal sense since ekelektos means to choose, to select, to vote according to every Lexicon in existance. We do not vote we do not keep selecting we do not keep choosing. Once you have chose you have chosen, once you have made a selection you have selected, once you have cast your vote you have VOTED. It ends and this is so obvious to anyone without an agenda to try to keep selling book sales like Preston. He claims I've never given biblical evidence for anything. Romans 11 and John 6 last I checked ARE biblical texts so this is another LIE. As is usual for Preston. John 6 has a LAST DAY for a reason. Romans 11 talks about the full number (pleroma is used numerically - Preston consistantly lies about this to try and fool you folks. It's used the same way in Romans 11 as Mark 8 uses it about a limited number of fish. Use logic. You can have a basket filled to the brim with fish but it's still a limited number of fish that can fit in that basket) being filled. 1 Cor 15 has a real resurrection that involves biological bodies which Preston denies because he's got an agenda to sell you folks. Simple as that. 

He's been disproven on this countless times over and over again. If you want to read a good refutation against Max King and Don Preston's (since he copies it almost word for word) arguments about 1 Cor 15 go read my Refutation of Max King. It has it all in there and I lay it out there. The Old Covenant ended at the Cross. Hebrews 8 shows us this. Don lies about me when he says that I have claimed the New Covenant ends. I have NEVER claimed any such thing and he is a bold-faced liar for continuing to claim this falsity about me. I have claimed that the election ends. Election ending and salvation ending for those who are not the elect does not equate to the end of the eternal New Covenant. Salvation is to come in fullness for Jew and Gentile (Israel) in Christ on the Last Day (John 6) when the full number of the Gentiles comes in and all Israel is saved (Romans 11:25-27). The promise is for Jacob. Not the loipoi. Only the eklektos. As for the growing in knowledge part, Don gave you all a half lie there (he tends to do that a lot. Just wait til he starts doing that to y'all too when you disagree with him on something)... The New Creation does not have to be static and I would argue it isn't. It is dynamic this promised New Creation. Furthermore, let's use Preston's logic here. Since AD 70 happened as he claims, then everyone should have perfected knowledge and know everything apparently. Sound about right? Funny cause if everyone's honest here I can safely say no one would be stupid enough to say they know everything except a complete mental basketcase. 

His rant about "until" makes no sense and is just a rambling bout of nonsense and I couldn't make heads or tails of any of that. I've also never claimed that God will not reign over heaven and earth. Another LIE from Preston AGAIN. You can't help yourself can you Don? 

Yes I do accept that death in all its forms physical and spiritual will end. I believe what Romans 8:21 says when it says "that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to decay and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God". I also believe Paul when He says in 1 Cor 15:26 when he says "The LAST enemy to be abolished and destroyed is DEATH". Echatos echthros katargeitai ho thanatos! These are about the end of DEATH. ALL DEATH. Preston is talking through one's hat here... in other words (pardon the French but) he is bs-ing all of you here. As for how death is defeated today? That is easy. Paul as all NT writers do before the 2nd Coming teach the already not yet principle that Don always denies because he has an agenda to sell you folks. 

I feel sorry for anyone who actually buys into this liar's words.

My advice: take his words and think critically. 
Read some ACTUAL scholars and don't just take Don's word for anything as he lies and misrepresents people like it's breathing air for him. Comes way too naturally for him. 

That will be my response to this. If you guys really want to talk without all the lies feel free to join our groups Full Preterism - A Thing of the Past, World of Preterism, Clarion on Facebook. 

If you just want to talk to me, get in contact on Facebook with me at Lance Conley and PM me. I'll answer as long as it doesn't go to spam by accident or something. 

Absolutely garbage video from Don. I hope he is proud of himself cause everytime he lies and misrepresents people like this he does nothing but continually cement his status as a discredited pseudo-scholar.

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