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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Don's Desperation Part 1

It has been a strange state of affairs going on with Don K Preston lately. To start off the first week of the New Year, Preston took it upon himself to accuse me of lying and deleting comments on my blog here.

1) I do not delete posts unless they are spam.
2) Don Preston did not post anything for me to allow on here nor delete.
3) It is very likely he forgot to hit publish but then again, this may all be a tactic for him to try and justify blocking me on Youtube and Facebook so he doesn't have to deal with the fact that he has consistently been unable to answer the objections that Sam Frost, Greg Kiser, William Vincent, and I have been asking him as of late with regards to his citations he gives for his "scholarship".

I made two videos in response to Preston for this that you can watch by clicking these links...

It's quite clear that Preston can't stop lying.

Either way, that's not all this post is going to be about but check it out because it is connected with the crazy comments that he gave when he finally figured out how to hit publish on my Hope Resurrected article, link is here so you can see it all.

Preston gave this response in my comments section which I will dissect:

Nothing but nonsense and obfuscation. You ignore the fact that both ancient Jews as well as Christians had a "crisis of faith" after AD 70 because they realized that the predicted time of the end had passed and their literalistic expectations of the kingdom-- which were like your's were not fulfilled. This fact falsifies the paragraph that I was addressing. Paul did not teach a physical resurrection, just as he did not preach a physical kingdom-- kingdom and resurrection are of the same nature and the same time.
For one, if one reads the Early Church and their writings, I have yet to see any "crisis of faith" taking place. Preston also has yet to give us this "fact" he claims I ignore. He claims that "both ancient Jews as well as Christians had a 'crisis of faith' after AD70 because they realized that the predicted time of the end had passed and their literalistic expectations of the kingdom - which were like yours were not fulfilled".

William Vincent and I have yet to get any sourcing from Don of ancient Jews or Christians for that matter having some crisis of faith after AD70 but we would love to see these "ancient sources" Don apparently has. Maybe they're only decipherable by a magical stone that he received from God or something... oh wait... that's Joseph Smith. Sometimes I get the two mixed up.

Facts are that 1 Corinthians 15 as well as plenty of other verses prove unanimously that Paul and the rest of Christ and the Church taught there would be a resurrection of the dead when Christ returns in His 2nd Coming. It would and will be a real event as Paul taught and the literal dead would literally rise from their biological death into biological eternal life.

If you have an hour to kill here is a bible study that was done by yours truly and two friends of mine on 1 Cor. 15 that shows the obvious truth that Don denies.

Don next goes on with this.

When you demand a given verse with the specific words "The second coming will be in AD 70- your are revealing your utterly false hermeneutic. Jesus did say of that coming judgment: These be the days of Vengeance in which all things that are written must be fulfilled. For those interested in an honest exegesis of this text, and a response to those who reject it, just go to my website and look up Luke 21:22. You will be amazed at how totally specious Mr. Conley's claim is. Mr. Conley says this: 7) I just want to say this too because it was mentioned. Preston tries to use a work by Frost called Misplaced Hope that Frost has constantly and consistently recanted and refuted already, over and over again. Response: Trouble is that Mr. Frost cannot refute the history that he presented in that book! Historical facts are historical facts and he presented them effectively. Has he recanted what he presented? Yes, but that simply shows that he recanted the truth. 8) Another thing to note that he won't tell you: PRESTON WANTS YOU TO BUY THAT BOOK of Frost's BECAUSE IT WILL MAKE HIM MONEY! Folks, you see right here the utter ignorance and dishonesty of Lance Conley. Mr. Conley, I do not personally sell Frost's book! The book is out of print. I do not own any copies- except my personal one- and I do not sell the book! I do not profit one red cent from the sale of that book by anyone! Got that? You told a blatant lie! WILL YOU APOLOGIZE AND REPENT OF YOUR SIN? OF LYING ABOUT THIS?

As I addressed in the videos above, I made a mistake and was wrong about Preston selling Misplaced Hope. That's not a lie as Preston accuses me of. I was just off. Fact is, it is not a lie since Preston does sell Frost's former works still "Essays On The Resurrection" and also sells "House Divided". It's literally ON HIS WEBSITE so he is obviously still peddling Sam's books on his site. Frost has recanted and refuted his former works as a full preterist yet Preston still continues to not just sell it, but make a profit off of it. There was no lie here made against Don. Deceptive as always.

As for his claim on Luke 21:22. Nowhere does this verse ever say the 2nd Coming would take place specifically on September 8th, AD70. I asked Preston in context to SHOW US A SPECIFIC VERSE that says I WILL COME IN AD70 from Jesus and of course he failed because you won't find a verse like that as no man knows the day nor the hour of His Final Parousia when His presence is to fill all things and the dead will be raised from their graves.

As for an apology from me, I've proven time and time again I am not the one lying here. I admitted to making a mistake in my one claim, even editted the article I wrote to show that I goofed, and as such, I will not be apologizing for anything as Preston demands since 1) I have done nothing but a mistake here on which books he sells of Frost's and 2) Preston has never once apologized for all the downright dirty, deceptful lies he has propogated to others about Frost, myself, and others.

Preston then makes more claims like this:

Now, for those interested, here is a link to one of several articles on Luke 21:22. This particular article is a response to Kenneth Gentry who claimed that preterists abuse Luke 21:22. That claim is completely destroyed in this and the other articles, so check them out!
With that, we have the many lies of Don out of the way and can deal with his article now that he has been exposed for the downright dispicable, disgusting lies about me. That will conclude Part 1 of this article. Part 2 of this article will be responding to this article he claims refutes everything.

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