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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Stephen Whitsett's Accusation of Plagiarism of Hope Resurrected

On April 3rd, Stephen Whitsett made a bold accusation of me that I plagairized him in his "Cold Case Against FP".

Here are the facts. When I left full preterism Stephen and I both worked together on an old blog site for about a year until I took a full hiatus from dealing with him and his own antics. When I came back into dealing with full preterism and was working on my own book, I ultimately helped him out in a friendly offer to help him edit his book since he has dyslexia and there was a section of his book that I did think was good and so in the original drafts of the book I did plan on citing him at one point in my book and using this quote. I have known him for 7 years or more and was more than happy to help him, at the time. I plan on never helping him anymore with a single thing after this. 

I did not plagiarize. This is an editing mistake on my part. Upon looking at old drafts I found I did have Stephen quoted. My friend Sterling even reminded me that after a nasty and vile argument Stephen had with Jeff Cunnigham, William Vincent, Greg Kiser, Jonathan Photius, Sterling Harmon and myself where he acted like an absolute stick-up-the-butt prude, I had decided to erase any mention of him from my book when I was writing because I want nothing to do with him. 

One can simply look at my book and can tell that I haven’t plagarized since I have quotes ad nauseum in this book cited. Clearly that isn't what happened. What happened is I believe I didn't delete everything from my quoting of Stephen in the previous drafts and just made a mistake, forgetting what he had written and what I had written in that paragraph. 

Safe to say, this is an editing error and I plan on in the 2nd edition of this book revising and changing this "controversial" paragraph up so that I will not have to quote the likes of Stephen Whitsett and so there will be no trace of him obviously. 

I find his accusation detestable as I know Preston will lie and use it to try and claim I am a plagairist and a liar and whatever other excuse he can come up with to try and lead his followers astray. I also find his Middleism futurism is absolute rubbish and that he makes up stuff, which is really not all that much different from the likes of Don K Preston or other people trying to make names for themselves and gain followers for the sake of growing their Lone Ranger Christianity nonsense.

Stephen Whitsett is dead to me. Don't ever bother hoping I ever help you out again versus a full preterist.
Don't bother hoping I will ever edit anything you have written again.
Don't bother hoping I will ever back you up again like when YOU GOT ACCUSED OF PLAGIARISM by full preterist, Bill Dolack when it was simply a clear editing error, much like what clearly happened here with my book. It humors me that the same thing happened here and you went full force to try to tear me down.

Anyone who’s really bothered by this obvious editing mistake I will give you a free 2nd edition if you show me proof that you bought the 1st Edition book. If you bought my Kindle Edition you will get an update anyways if you already bought it in kindle but I'll be willing to give you a PDF version either way.

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