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Monday, January 9, 2023

Response to Gary DeMar On His Hypocrisy/Let's Discuss The Sergius-Preston Debate


It looks like we have gotten a Part 3 to Gary DeMar's hit pieces on me after all in the form of cheap shots aimed at me via a Facebook post. Gary has clearly not accepted my apology for calling him a moron after he viciously attacked Sam Frost. After blocking Frost, I was blocked when he proceeded to continue to talk disgustingly with Don Preston about him which led to the reason I posted what I did in anger but what else can be said? 

I apologized publicly to Gary. He doesn't have to accept apologies, clearly has no plans to, and clearly plans to continue to try and demonize, villify, and discredit me. If Gary wishes to continue in this petty behavior, so be it. I pray Gary can get over someone calling him a moron.

In this Facebook post Gary declares I have no credibility because I debated Don K Preston. This seems extremely hypocritical considering there is nothing wrong with debating someone under a pseudonym. It is also very weird that Gary DeMar makes a fuss about someone's credibility when he is sharing posts about Don Preston who is not only a heretic being he is a full preterist, but also a proven grifter that fakes his credentials. Don Preston after all is the grifter who claims he has an honorary doctorate but when investigated over this claim it all turned out to be a fake "honorary doctorate" from an unaccredited and fake seminary in California called Vision International University that he and William Bell both got it from.

With all the money Don Preston has from his book sales he could have put some actual work in and earned a real and respectable degree from an accredited university or seminary. Yet, he chose not to and this is because he would be eaten alive by academia or a seminary for his outlandish and clownish beliefs about eschatology were he to try and defend his beliefs. This is evident with each and every book he puts out which amounts to nothing more than pseudoscholarship. 

No, instead of putting in the work and earning a respectable degree, Don Preston went to a degree mill that gave him a free degree that ANYONE can get. An unearned and unaccredited fake degree from a diploma mill that Don parades around and puts on every book he sells, as if this was some amazing feat and accomplishment. 

Couple this with the FACT that Don claims to be the president of a "Preterist Research Institute" when the reality is it isn't an institute for researching preterism at all. It has contributed zero research to preterism, zero research to and for academia, and not a single contribution to or for any seminaries are available. Nothing. 

What we do have however, is some information available to us about what Don does with all the book sale cash he gets. It's fine to have a business but Don claims this is a "Preterist Research Institute" which is extremely misleading. (Can find information here at:,205884258/ ) 

It's hypocritical of Gary to talk about someone's credentials and then give a grifter like Don K Preston a platform as if he is someone who is credible. Let's get real here.

What this amounts to are cheap shots, projections, and ad hominems from DeMar. It's all a fallacious argument strategy to attempt to take the debate away from the actual topic (the OP/original point) and attempt to redirect the attention to some contrived issue with their opponent(s).

Gary appears to be very insecure with regards to the arguments and discourse that's gone on. It is an unfortunate fact that he REFUSES to write so much as a single sentence that condemns Full Preterism as a dangerous heresy. Instead, when pointed out how he has made some rather faulty assumptions that he holds in common with full preterists and how that leads to dangerous error, instead of giving any answer substantially, he blocks everyone who asks questions and calls him out on this ridiculous and bizarre behavior.

This has all been a distraction from DeMar. Instead of listening to some of the challenges and requests from many people to denounce full preterism and uphold the resurrection of the dead, etc. he has instead picked me out for calling him a "moron" over something that happened between him and my friend Frost. He's not answered any of the challenges given to him by multiple people. Nope. Instead he focuses on me calling him a "moron". Not whether or not Full Preterism is a dangerous heresy but "Lance was mean to me and called me a moron". 

Which by the way, I should be thanking Gary DeMar for these articles! He's put me on many people's email lists. I've quite literally tripled in readership and viewers to this blog and received more praise than hate mail with many people hoping Gary will come to his senses and condemn full preterism while upholding the resurrection of the dead. 
Now for my last part I wish to cover the Sergius Bale/Don Preston debate because I wish to share what my intentions were in making that fake account to debate Preston in the first place. 

I ask Gary and the reader: If I constantly talked about Gary, blocked Gary from responding, and then simultaneously demanded Gary, the blocked person, to respond to all the challenges I give, how is Gary supposed to respond to this and how is Gary supposed to engage with this? One simply cannot do so. It is unreasonable. This is what Don Preston did to me. The only way for me to do any discourse or any exchange was to make a new account. However, Don also immediately would block when he saw "Lance Conley" so I did something simple. I took on a pseudonym and named myself "Sergius Bale". Is that seriously the work of someone evil? There's always more to the story than what Gary or Don have shared. It is super easy it seems for Gary to justify any behavior Don pulls since full preterists are clearly part of his tribe and he doesn't see them as being in danger of heresy since he refuses to condemn it. 

Ask yourself why Gary thinks it is wrong for Lance Conley to fake his credentials as Sergius Bale, knowing he was intent on revealing the truth after the debate finished, but Gary finds it absolutely fine that Don Preston proudly and unrepentantly fakes his credentials to the public with his fake honorary degree from a fake university he got from a degree mill? This is hypocrisy, plain and simple.  

I absolutely did fake Sergius Bale's credentials saying he was a Greek Orthodox man who lived in Austrailia teaching history as a professor at a university. I fail to see how this is any different than Don Preston faking all of his credentials to the public. I also had EVERY intention of exposing who I was AFTER the debate ended because I wanted to expose Don Preston for the charlatan he is. 

You see, before I had even bothered to set this account up, Preston had blocked me on Facebook and Youtube and his blog posts and then publicly kept demanding I answer him. He also simultaneously would claim that he refused to do any debate or discourse with me because I "lacked credentials". So it is quite simple: Since Don has fake credentials from a fake degree mill from a fake university, I made Sergius Bale a fake professor from a fake university with fake credentials. 

The saddest part though is, this fake account "Sergius Bale" was extremely easy to tell that it was not a real person. All one had to do was google the pictures to find out that this was not a real person. As a matter of fact, it only took a few weeks for a bunch of the more intelligent people in the Full Preterism - A Thing Of The Past group to fact check the sources, think critically, and figure out that it was me behind the account. The fact that I was able to fake being someone proficient in Koine Greek to Don Preston should speak volumes about his lack of scholarship or intelligence.

I kid you not that when I engaged with Don on several points on that group that he DEMANDED and BEGGED for a debate with Sergius Bale. The only reason Sergius Bale's credentials even came into question was because when I engaged in this written debate with Preston he became completely infuriated because, fact is, "Sergius" beat Don in the debate he begged and pleaded Admin: William Vincent of the group and I for. Don could have googled and fact checked who Sergius was and my credentials like others had done and easily figured out that this was a fake account. What really threw me for a loop was seeing that most of the people who believe the 2nd Coming is future did question the Sergius Bale account while I can't think of a single full preterist that did so because 1) they all believed Sergius was real as they don't fact-check sources, 2) they don't investigate, 3) they don't critically think about anything and just take everyone and anyone's word for things, 4) are unfortunately people who fall prey to grifters like Preston in full preterism. This is just a few of a myriad of reasons that full preterists fell for a fake account. Couple that with the fact that most of the full preterists have multiple fake accounts themselves and it becomes obvious that no one was really angry at Sergius being a fake account and were just trying to cover for Don losing badly at a written debate. 

Here are just a few messages that went back and forth between Preston and Sergius. William Vincent and I can both provide more if necessary that vindicate that Don really wanted to debate Sergius. I even kept mentioning Lance Conley just because at this point it was comical that Don was so adamant to debate me. It should disturb people (which was one of my points in doing this fake account) that Preston claims to be the president of a "research institute" and yet could not do some BASIC research, enough to know who he was debating. I have also never claimed to be some prestigious Bible scholar. Don has and does. I also always fully intended to reveal it was Lance Conley who was really Sergius Bale after the debate ended. It just ended before the debate could finish because once Don was losing, THEN to save face, he began trying to dig dirt on his opponent and FINALLY got some intelligence to ask questions and look for a Greek professor in Austrailia named Sergius Bale.  

I think I've dealt with this enough. The truth is all this stuff from Gary and the full preterists, with the overacting and melodramatic reactions of their followers are all being done to help cover now for not just Don but also Gary's backsides. 

All Gary has done here is attempt a diversion and an ad hominem piece on Facebook and now exposed to his readers through that article of Don's to what a dimwitted moronic grifter Preston really is (I will not apologize for that ad hominem). He's exposed his grifter friend can't refute me in debate which should not be any real shocker since Don has no real credentials and is a pseudoscholar posing as a prostegious Bible scholar.

It has also exposed that Gary DeMar is using the Sergius-Preston debate from over a year ago now (12-7-2021) so he can try to blow smoke and cover for his inability to answer questions that have been on many readers of his recent Facebook posts minds. The fact he has to block Sam Frost, William Vincent, and I for asking him simple questions shows insecurity on his part. What is he so scared of? That he may have to admit Frost has a point? That he might have to engage in actual discourse? That he might have to publicly tell people that full preterism is a heresy? That he might have to actually continue to uphold the resurrection of the dead? That he may have to rethink some of his preterist ideals and presuppositions? That oikoumene might not be solely about Rome? What a scary proposition that must be for Gary. I end this post with a blog post from Sam Frost about the word oikoumene.

And Gary, if you're reading this, I am sorry for calling you a moron still. Even if you don't accept my apology, you are still a Bible teacher, so you really should publicly renounce full preterism as a heresy publicly, uphold the resurrection of the dead, and quit blocking and running away from people who ask you questions about it. If you are secretly a full preterist in cohoots with Don Preston like many are beginning to believe, the only thing I can say is you need to find better friends and repent of the heresy. Peace.

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