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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Sayonara to CBV Full Preterism: Done With Don K Preston

By: Lazarus Conley

St. Isaac the Syrian once said "Don't foster hatred for the sinner, for we're all guilty... Hate his sins, and pray for him, so that you may be made like unto Christ, who had no dislike for sinners, but prayed for them".

I must confess that in my discourse and debates with Don K Preston and various others in his cult following, I am guilty of having done this quite often. When people like Preston lie, belittle, sin against you, try to con people and manipulate everything that you write or say in order to con people into buying books, I have to admit I gave in often to my baser instincts with him when I should have probably been praying for him instead.

That said, I still stand by what I've said about him being nothing more than a sick perverted con artist who is only after money. The amount of dishonesty he pulls should discredit anything he has to say alone.

After 28 videos he's created (maybe more after I write this), the most he was able to essentially say (and I'm paraphrasing) is that "Lance Conley is a butthead" and throw around a bunch of silly insults along with lies and manipulations in every video he created to try and discredit my book Hope Resurrected. To be fair, he did point out some grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, which is bound to happen from a book that's more than 500 pages. I also will give credit that my chapter on time texts needed to be revised and re-done because it really wasn't the best. That said, there has really been nothing substantial to have come from Don K Preston in his "refutations" of Hope Resurrected. His common response has always been that "Lance Conley has not offered a word. No. Not even a keystroke." However, common sense and fact-checkers can very easily go to the sources and the writings and see this is just not based in reality as it is.

I've given enough proof from previous articles to show what a bold-faced liar Preston really is. Sam Frost, Jason Bradfield, Scott Russell, full preterists like Edward Stevens and Rod Stokes, etc. have consistently shown that Preston is dishonest. Most of his tactics are nothing more than him lying or manipulating someone's words or writings into something that was not actually said. Much of it is Don taking someone's words and trying to twist it into his "AD 70 framework".

I have said it aplenty but I do not believe this man is Christian in any sense. I believe his whole agenda is to milk this avenue he is in and to make as much money as he can off of gullible people who will not question his theology or his eschatology. I believe he is very likely an atheist in all actuality.

In Facebook posts, he challenged many ex-full preterists to actually force God to strike him dead and strike him blind (as if God will do such a thing by our prayers in that way to beging with). This is antichrist and absolutely bizarre!

I probably will still be doing some focuses on eschatology related subjects still but I’m largely scaling back on it. As far as engaging with full preterism in general, I think am done with engaging with anything that has to do with the likes of Don K Preston as he is nothing but a disgusting con artist who lies all the time to sell lame books that he basically plagiarized from Max King and lame atheist, Albert Schweitzer arguments. I find Edward Stevens much easier to talk to so as I said in other groups, one of these days we’re gonna try to have some kind of open forum discussion or something like that to take place.

As for my next project? I think I am going to enjoy the silence, read some good books, maybe some fiction, definitely some works of saints like St. Paisios of Mt. Athos, and with eschatology, I plan to study late-date preterist works for a bit. Then? Who knows... could be anything I work on. I know Orthodoxy probably has commentaries and works untranslated for OT prophets by some saints but as of now, unless I am unaware of it, we in America just don’t have many English translations for books like Isaiah or more obscure ones like Obadiah. I’d like to look into doing something with that at some point. I’d rather do some seminary with that before I consider diving into something like that though.

So with that said, I will still be responding to full preterists sometimes but largely I am done with CBV FP. The focus will turn to IBV FP when that time is ready to come but, in general, full preterism is a dead horse that keeps getting beaten. It is dead and as much as they claim it is growing, the evidence shows otherwise.
It’s been a blast but I have got way more important things to do with my life than debate full preterists and focus on my own garden and cultivate holiness because I am not where I want to be. May all repent of the heresy of full preterism and come to Christ.

-- Additional Thoughts --
In response to Preston's latest mention of me in one of his videos this last week about him terminating from responding to my book Hope Resurrected:

I'm glad you're finally terminating Don. You're nothing but a sad and disgusting liar and that's all you've ever done is lie and try and manipulate things to trick your gullible fanbase into your disgusting delusion to sell more books. You have unfortunately proven yourself to be one of the most vile and dishonest pieces of garbage that I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. One of these days, even though you obviously don't believe you will be, otherwise you would repent of all the blasphemy and lies you've told about myself and others, you will meet God and you will be judged and you will be condemned for all the lies, deciet, and downright awful things you have said and done and taught to gulliblle people all for the sake of money.

You are nothing more than a disgusting narcissist that I assume will one day lie or cross the wrong person and get what's coming to him. I stand by Jesus' statement in Luke 17:2 that "It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin". That specifically can be applied to Don Preston and his heresy and false teachings. That was the reference I was making by the way to anyone watching or reading this lying scumbag, to scripture. You may make a lot of money but it won't save you in the lake of fire. Good riddance to this con artist. 

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