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Monday, April 22, 2019

12th (?) Response To Preston

Linked below is this pitiful, what is perhaps, his 12th response to me.

Here linked is the original article I wrote against Preston:

Nowhere in Preston's latest article, nor the previous ones before, does he ever address any of the points I wrote.

In debate we would call this a victory for Lazarus Conley. The opponent willingly gives no answer  & decides instead to continue running on rabbit trails.

No answer given. Literally just an advertisement for his book (which isn't the first time he's done this).

I explained multiple times in past articles in Conley's Blog why I didn't push Romans 8.

This is all a diversion tactic from Preston to not answer the points that were raised.

His article doesn't merit a response to be frank but alas here it is.

Til Preston bothers to answer questions that were raised (& he can't & won't) the debate's over.

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