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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Questions To Ponder For CBV FP... Is Anything Wrong With Taking One's Life or Not?

Questions To Ponder For CBV FP... Is Anything Wrong With Taking One's Life or Not? 
By: Lazarus Conley

Theologically speaking I do have a serious question for Don K Preston which is also a pastoral one as well.

So far all that has been given is a non-answer and a call to call the question a "fabricated, nonsensical, and an illogical question" from Don K Preston.

My response to that is that it really is not fabricated, nonsensical, or illogical just because Don Preston says so.

My question is this.

I am not one but hypothetically, if I were and apply CBV preterist theology to my life and hold to it is there anything wrong with taking one's own life?

Preston fully believes that Christ divested Himself of His humanity in the Ascension. Therefore, during the Ascension Christ got rid of His physical body to be in Heaven.

This is ultimately the goal is to be with Christ. So why not just get there quicker by divesting one's own self from their body and going to be with Christ instead?

If one wishes to take one's life and I use Don K Preston's own theology is there any reason why or why not they shouldn't be allowed to go ahead and do so? If so, what is the reason for stopping this?

If Christ divested Himself of His body why can’t said person do so? Why should one bother with what might be mostly suffering or pain or etc reasons one may not want to wait until expiring from a natural method of death?

It likely cannot be a sin if Christ Himself divested Himself of His physical body so there should be no real opposing reason this writer can think of (open to suggestions) that someone wishing to take their own life and divest themselves of their physical body should be opposed to.

The full preterist argues we get our resurrection body after biological death.

Don Preston suggests over and over again in various works like Like Father Like Son that we must die biologically to fully be with Christ and in the resurrection and that the spiritual body we receive is superior to the physical material body. So again I ask... would it be acceptable or unacceptable to take one's life and rid themselves of the biological body?

Is there anything wrong or right about just speeding up the process of death and getting your biological death over with so you can be in the spiritual body and be with Christ who did get rid of His physical body as Preston insists to go to heaven? (As Preston argues and interprets over the top literally... "flesh and blood shall not inherit the earth" (1 Cor 15:50).

My opinion is that a full preterist that accepts Don K Preston's positions theologically cannot tell someone a reason really why it would be wrong to kill themselves biologically. The physical body is mostly just a barrier to get rid of in the end like a snake sheds its skin. Don K Preston's theology is what I call the theology of the snake.

One should be able to live out one's theology for that is how we truly test theology is by living it out. If it does not fit, we should reconsider or discard it.

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