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Friday, January 15, 2021

Response to David Clarke

I will try and make this short. Below is a video made by David Clarke a full preterist.  

In it, he makes clear he has published a book on Amazon about a conversation he, his son, and I have had with him involving predestination where I gave the Eastern Orthodox position while he gave the heretical Reformed position. 

He makes many false claims and claim that I am a Pelagian. 

As any person with any common sense or knowledge of Eastern Orthodoxy knows, Eastern Orthodoxy rejects Pelagianism as a heresy. Therefore, Eastern Orthodox Christian that I am, I cannot uphold the doctrines of Pelagius nor Pelagianism. As a matter of fact, St. Jerome makes quite clear that he is against Pelagius in his writings. Where Augustine errs about Pelagianism, St. Jerome corrects the issues and refutes Pelagius. This is a ridiculous claim by Mr. Clarke and I have tried to discuss this with him to no avail so he would be allowed to correct this false claim. He has not and will not and has left a message in response that: "What is written is written. You have no legs to stand on." Clearly, he is giving a refusal to correct this. 

My conversations with the man have shown him to be willing to engage in lies, slander, share misinformation, and I have personally had enough of this. In private messages with his son, it seems to be he is potentially mentally ill so if that is the case, and it appears to be, the best thing to do is just pray for this man who is probably living in hell in his own mind. 

He claims I made a challenge to him but this was no challenge. I merely was having a conversation with him about predestination and spitting facts he didn't like to read. 

The man seems to have an obsession with himself and while I am no trained psychologist, he seems to be either in a delusional state or is just quite simply a sad and pathetic narcissist who can't tell the truth to save his life. If his son can be trusted, and I believe he can be, then the latter is unfortunately the case. God help him with his mental disorder. 

I have made at least two videos responding to David's false claims before. Here they are below. 

In these conversations he has accused me of racism and of endorsing sins which is absolutely false. Racism is a sin. It’s literally iconoclasm which is forbidden by the last ecumenical council. Why would I endorse iconoclasm? No thanks. I also used to counsel many youths, young adults and adults about their issues and struggles with same sex attraction. That is not an endorsement of sin. David should quit lying because it makes him look like stupid and foolish. 

There is no need to respond any longer to this disgusting person. We will pray for his repentance but as of now, he is a heretic who follows doctrines of the Reformation and much worse than that, he follows Full Preterism which makes him unable to even follow the most basic of Creeds that all Christians should be able to profess: The Nicene Creed. May God have mercy on him but I shake the dust off my feet with this absolute loser of a person who cannot be truthful. I have given him opportunity after opportunity to rescind his statements or even just admit to having made a mistake in his writings as i know and have learned he is also dyslexic which makes reading material hard to do. He has refused all times when given the opportunity and shown himself to be a prideful and arrogant man willing to lie and distort the truth about people. He asked me to do a 500 word argument about predestination and I have refused to do so and will not do so until he rescinds his false statements he has made about me all over multiple social media sites like Facebook, Amazon, and Youtube. 

This is unfortunately common for full preterists. When they aren't just all around mentally ill People take advantage of me trying to have a peaceful discourse and then want to try to piss me off by all sorts of ways and then lie and prove that I should just block when it happens like I used to do. I was more than respectable to David Clarke but now he puts lies and misinformation up. Pathetic. 


  1. Straw Man Argument NO HEADERS corrected.html

  2. I do not claim partial preterists are heretics. I do claim full preterists are heretics. I also do not claim that everyone who is unorthodox is a heretic. David Clarke really has no business making and writing books and claiming things when he can't get facts correct about the people he wants to write about. Sad.


Response to David Clarke

I will try and make this short. Below is a video made by David Clarke a full preterist.   In it, he makes clear he has published a book on A...